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Interview : Interview / Background

For this interview process, my initial intention was for it not to be so much of a question and answer type of interview. Since I do have a relationship with these two ladies, I was wanting to make this as smooth, casual and fun as possible. This helped, because it did not create any form of uncomfortable situations; by creating awkward situations, I feel that it can alter the way the interview is conducted and how it can be of a result. The interview took place at as restaurant where the three of†¦ In my interview I choose to interview one of my housemates Samantha Wood. I do not know Samantha very well but have communicated with her the odd time. Samantha goes to Georgian college and is 21 years old. I choose to interview her specifically because she is quite about her life and interests so I was motivated to use this interview to get to know her better. I asked Samantha basic questions about her use of and experiences with social media. The interview process was beneficial for what information†¦ This paper intends to describe an interview conducted with an eight year old about sports. A remarkable quote from this young man was â€Å" I only struck out twice last season and I didn’t get out after that at all†. The sports that Cannon Crooks plays, his favorite sport, his favorite player, his favorite position, and future aspirations and more shall be covered in this paper. The interview was conducted over the phone with an eight-year-old boy named Cannon Crooks. Cannon Crooks is a third grader†¦ There are three types of interviews: structured interviews, semi structured interviews, and unstructured interviews. Structured interviews are interviews that are formal such as telephone interviews, survey research and political polling. The interview is set up with a designed place ahead of time and a set of questions preplanned. Semi structured interviews are interviews that allows the interviewee to talk about a topic more â€Å"open minded† (pg. 87) rather than structured and to the point. The interviewer†¦ research that a well-prepared interview guide is crucial. Within the interview guide, all the items of the interview are included and organised in a certain order with the purpose of promote the flow of the interview. This includes the sections of the interview, task that the interviewer has to do and designed questions with careful wording selection. Although the role of interview guide is crucial in semi-structured interview, it is stressed that the idea of interview guide is â€Å"much less specific†¦ Family Interview and Genogram I chose to interview Inmaculada â€Å"Alex† DeFeo (2015). She is the source of much of the information. I based assessments on my analysis of her explained life. Detailed is given to her age and familial relations. The strength perspective used in order to highlight strengths in how overcoming or living with situations, statuses, and results of events. Individual and family patterns, concern, and influences regarding them aimed are touched upon. Family Members Names†¦ selects interview as the second method to generate the data. This paper, for that selection, deals with the second key research instruments, interview. Specifically, it explains and proposes a plan for carrying out interview for the research. The section starts with discussing the advantages of interview instrument. What follows after is a brief overview and discussion around the issue of critical dimension of interview. This review helps to provide guidelines for the deployment of interview in this†¦ At the very beginning of the interview I noticed how much I was looking down to document what Amy was saying. I was so focused on making sure I had documented everything Amy said and I think I lost some meanings by not watching her body language. If I were to put myself in Amy’s position I probably would have felt like I was just there to answer a bunch of assessment questions and the therapist really did not care what I had to say. The empathy was there in my voice, but not in my actions, so†¦ Interview Analysis The mock interview assignment really helped me identify different strengths and weaknesses in interviewing. This document will be a discussion of my mock interview. I will discuss my strengths during the interview as well as my faults and what I will do in the future to adjust those. I will apply what I learned in this experience to interviews in the future. Perhaps one of the easiest weaknesses to identify in my interview was in my appearance, specifically my hat I forgot to†¦ The majority of the interview took place during periods three, five, and six, but I was able to ask her a few questions before and between the other periods I shadowed her. I first asked her about her schedule and what classes she had other than English and math at the end of the day. She explained that she had three other classes, government, IT, and band. When I expressed curiosity as to how that worked since she didn’t have a science course. Students are given the option to opt out of science†¦

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